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By Jon Land
LOGLINE:  In the twist-filled tradition of "Momento" and "The Usual Suspects," a successful dentist, who learns that he is dying of leukemia and also learns that he has been swindled out of his money, agrees to kill someone under a contract to provide for his family after his own death. 

A little girl witnesses her father being pushed into the path of a train in the Paris subway.  Then we fast-forward to the present and... dentist, Peter Franks. 
Peter has a great family (even though he is divorced), a terrific dental practice, and plenty of money socked away.  He even volunteers his time at a local prison, which has gained him such patients as the great motorcycle gang member, Burt, and retired Mafia Don, Anthony Carosella.  Peter Franks, you might say, has it all.
That is, until one day his doctor tells him that he is dying of a rare form of leukemia and that he has only a few months to live.  Peter Pays a visit to his investment broker and golf partner, Phil Hartwell, to start getting his affairs-in-order only to find the FBI sorting through Hartwell's files.  According to Agent Weinber, Hartwell has swindled Peter and numerous other clients out of every penny they had.
Broke and dying, Peter is in a bar working on his third scotch when a man, Harry Walls sitting on the next stool, strikes up a conversation with him.  Peter tells the stranger all, bemoaning how he failed his family with the divorce and now about to fail them again, financially.  Wall though, offers him an out:  His wife and children will be provided for, if Peter agrees to kill someone for the people whom Wall represents.
That person is none other than Peter's patient, retired mob boss, Anthony Carosella, who isn't really retired at all.  Facing the fact that his family is going to lose everything. Peter takes the deal.  At the last second, though, while lowering a poison-filled needle toward Carosella's mouth, Peter finds that he can't can't go through with it.  He drops the needle to the floor and rushes to his son's football game to get his family to safety.
He manages to get them away, only to be chased down by Wall's bad guys.  Fleeing through the woods, Peter's leg get caught in an old bear trap.  Fortunately, Frank's family isn't far from the trailer park where Burt and his biker-buddies live.  The motorcycle  gang members offer to watch over Peter's wife and kids while he seeks medical attention for his leg.
At a small clinic, Peter gets stitched-up and calls Agent Weinberg for help.  He's waiting for Weinberg to show up when a doctor returns with the shocking results of a routine blood test:  Peter doesn't have leukemia... He is not dying! Then Weinberg shows up along with Harry Walls, confirming that this whole thing has been a set-up from the beginning.
Peter flees the hospital and is rescued by a mysterious woman named, Matilde Faustin, who has been tracking Walls and company from the beginning.  She takes him back to the trailer park where they find the bikers dead and his family gone... taken hostage.  Faustin knows all too well what's happened because it was her father who was killed in the opening train station flashback and, as an Interpol agent, she's been tracking his tru killers for years -- he international Murder-For-Hire ring that set up Peter.
With nowhere else to turn for help getting his family back, Peter goes to the man whom he was supposed to kill:  Anthony Carosella.  A threat of exposure gains Peter a meeting with a leader of the ring who turns out to be none other than Phil Hartwell!  The two of them engage in a verbal cat-and-mouse game while Carosella's soldiers, led by Faustin, raid the mountaintop fortress where Peter's family is being held.
Once he learns that his family is safe, Peter kills Harwell with the very poison that he couldn't use on Carosella.  In the end, Peter is able to reclaim his life and his family; but, a twist ending suggest that it may not last long. 


       In The Berkshires



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John David Sottile