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International Film Resources believes that each project we undertake

must have a realistic potential to become profitable.


Similarly, our Slate of Films covers a wide spectrum

of both genres and target audiences.




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Slate Of Films


SCORE!:  Screenwriter and bestselling author Jon Land and Producer Larry Babb have taken the classic boy-meets-girl story and given it a fresh and exciting take.  SCORE! adds both soccer and rock music to a mix that focuses on the antics that result when members of a women's college soccer team accidentally rents the same beach house as a boy band.  G-o-a-l!


TOO YOUNG!:  A hilarious PG 13 romantic comedy in which an entrepreneurial, womens' college president conjures a plan to bolster the meager endowment by teaching the young women how to snare billionaires so that the gents will strokes checks o keep the all-women's collage alive and free from going co-ed.


NO REPRISALS:  Lucca, cold and unemotional, stood there in the gutted out window... his face streaked with soot and blood.   In his right hand, reflecting the glare of the spot lights was a viciously honed straight razor.  His left hand was wrapped in the hair of the prison guard, whose head was pulled back, his jugular straining against his naked skin.  The without warning, Lucca slashed the throat of "Pockets" Fallon, splashing blood on the television screens all over America.  And so opens one of the really feel-good and uplifting movies of the year!  


TERMINAL RUN:  A hardcore action thriller best classified as futuristic crime noir.  Even though it is science fiction in nature, the project features extremely limited, and relatively inexpensive, special effects.  Especially strong foreign, as well as DVD and VHS, profit potential so long as the proper male star is attached.  While the script bears some resemblance to MINORITY REPORT, it was completed years earlier and offers a different take on a similar subject.


THEY WALK AMONG US:  An edgy, inspirational project meant to take advantage of the market revealed by the success of The Passion of Christ and couple that with a heavy slant toward the dominant teenage demographic.  Films in this genre (Luther, Left Behind) have performed surprisingly well at the box office in limited release, thus assuring solid DVD and VHS returns.


 STICKS:  A project slanted toward the emerging urban market which now makes up an estimated 20% of all box revenues and a similar percentage of DVD/VHS sales and rentals.  The urban market can also turn an otherwise small movie into a big hit (Barbershop, She's Gotta Have It, Drumline, Bringing Down the House).  The foreign potential of urban-slanted films, though, has proven to be very limited.


WALK IN THE DARKNESSWhat  if the greatest event in human histiry never happened.  That's the question facing the unlikely team of Palestinian-American detective Ben Kamal and his Israeli counterpart Danielle Barnea, as they investigate the murders of a dozen American archaeologists in Israels Judean Desert.  A mismatched pair, Ben and Danielle, struggling to put the cultural divisiveness between their respective peoples aside,  embark on a trail that stretches back more than half a century to another team of archaeologists, who were slaughtered in Turkey in identical fashion.   The motive lies in an ancient manuscript which may contain startling proof that Christ didn't die on the cross... and The Resurrection, the very foundation of Christianity, never happened!  A secret certainly worth protecting and that's exactly what a ruthless Vatican official has been doing with the help of a secret team of assassins.
DEATH SENTENCEA successful dentist learns that he is dying of leukemia; he simultaneously learns that he has been swindled out of his money. This is not a bad day at the office... it's the worst! And... it becomes far more complicated when he is approached to kill someone under a contract which will provide for his family after his own death. Filled with twists and misdirections, this film, supported by a strong male lead, is targeted for theatrical release.


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