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LOGLINE:  What if criminals could be arrested before they had a chance to commit their crimes?  In the near future, that's exactly what happens thanks to a special force of cops called TRACKERS and psychics called TELLERS.  After a teller predicts his murder, ex-Tracker Matthew Beck has only 48 hours to catch his own killer and solve the mystery of why someone wants him dead before his time runs out.




*  In the year 2005, an anti-depressant drug call "Allovac" is found to develop psychic abilities in a small number of those thaking it.


*  With the help of its manufacturer, Jardine Pharmaceuticals, law enforcement agencies organize these psychics into the TELLER NETWORK, formed to predict crimes.


*  By 2007, a corresponding elite force of special police called TRACKERS is operational.  The sole purpose of TRACKERS is to arrest criminals identified by the TELLER NETWORK before their crimes are ever committed.


*  Although crime rates drop dramatically, the outcry of special interest groups leads to the process being abandoned and outlawed in 2010.  TELLERS face jail if they pass a future event onto anyone.  TRACKERS are reassigned, ostracized, and turned into outcasts by the system that created them.


          Matthew Beck is one of these Trackers but, unlike others, he can't give up his work.  A rogue relying on an underground network of Tellers for information, Beck continues to track down the most heinous of criminals, as much to slay his own demons as anything.  Beck's wife has been institutionalized since the death of their son years before, and Tracking is all he's got.


          That is until a Teller predicts Beck's death, leaving him only 48 hours to save his own life and solve the mystery of why somebody wants him dead.  Beck's trail leads him to the multi-billion dollar Jardine Corporation which, it turns out, was actually responsible for his son's death.  Before he can get to the villainous Clifton Jardine, though, Beck has to survive the efforts of the brutal killer hired to silence him and an army of cops out to catch him after another Teller predicts he's going to murder Clifton Jardine.


          With the help of a street urchin named Gavin, his wife's beautiful doctor Elizabeth Hastings, and an ex-commando he once put in jail, Beck manages to infiltrate the Jardine Corporation headquarters for a final confrontation with Jardine, his armed guards, and the hulking Arlo Cleese, a killer with a Plasma Jet drill for an arm.  The final fight scene with Cleese is staged amidst a wrecked terrarium filled with freed poisonous insects.


          Justice in the end is especially fitting, as Beck also dispenses with Jardine and walks off supported by Gavin and Elizabeth Hastings, his new family.


       In The Berkshires



Designed  By
John David Sottile