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Years Before "Chad" Became A Political Hot-Potato in Florida,
Chad & Friends Came Into Being.
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Prophecy of the Pyramids
Out of the Mouths of Babes Children Solve Adult Problems
Non-Sectarian --- Racial etc
A trilogy of films (animated or child actors) tackling the environment, starvation, and world peace.
Once a year, students from around the world, through a selection process, travel to Cairo for a chaperoned week of world understanding. 
This year will commence like the other years, but will end up changing the course of the world thinking... all generated by kids who discover a hidden passageway while taking a field trip to the Pyramids.
Multi Media Channel Approach synergizes the concepts and hedges new media.  The hub of this multimedia approach will be 90-100 minute animated story with human looking children. 
There will be parallel websites and chat rooms supporting each of the trilogies. 
We will issue an installment yearly to benefit from the unique approach, which will surely provoke copy-cating.  There will also be both child and adult documentaries that support the underlying premises of the plots. We will exploit all forms of digital media that is appropriate and economical.  Since the digital revolution in media, there has been no respite.  There are few answers because the question have not even been formed.  Regardless, over the years since we have be discussing films, there have been filmmaking sea changes, yet movies are still made... and always will be.
Environmental -- Global Warming   Starvation -- A World Crisis  
  World Peace -- Kids Just Wanna Be Kids

Animation vs Real Children:
We have determined that animation is the BEST way to procede. Our reasons are clear.
Eliminate the negatives:

1)  We do not have to audition children
2)  If we use children we will lose the ability to abstract nationalities which is essential since we cannot have one of each country, religion etc.
3)  We elinimate a SECURITY problem of enormous dimension as a kidnapping would be the ultimate of news value.
4)  Further we eliminate chaperones, child labor laws,  etc.
5)  Children love cartoon characters as do adults as proven by the recent commercial successes.
Grab on to the Positives...
1)  Actors love to do voice-overs.
2)  Many actors are into the very issues about which our animations will be.
3)  Actors promote by making the talk show circuit, etc
4)  We can launch cartoon icons which will more easily foster merchandise.
Intangible benefits...
Certainly this could be a better world.  In truth, despite communications, technology, and all other improvements to societies, we, collectively as the world, are in a WORSE place.  The world needs help. 
The Prophecy holds that the solution to problems will come from the children..
What the prophecy does not foretell is how these child are going to come to life.  This will happen with investment in one or all three of these films.  In essence, especially since we will be using animation, investors will be SOLVING the WORLD PROBLEMS with the solution proposed in the script using the children as the vicars.  How powerful!
Considering the opinions held about the Middle East for these uplifting solution --free of controversy  -- investor/s efforts will be broadly welcomed throughout the world.  Nothing will be contrived. 
The Pyramids themselves are still an unsolved wonder of the world.  How can it be a stretch that contemporary world problems be solved by the same mystery that raised the blocks?  This is not to stay there will not be skeptic looking for the hidden negative message.  They always exist; however, they will not find their treasure in The Prophesy.
With success, good things will follow for all... 
There are myriad of issues, matters technologies and issues that need to be resolved.  They are far beyond the elements of this discussion for their solutions. If even discovered, they would be outdated by the time we ever got to a proposal.
In the end, it comes down to getting started and being involved in the most exciting and important project to his the movie industry storyboards. 
The children will discover REAL SOLUTIONS.
This project is ready to commence...
To get started we will need $2 million for pre-production, script writing, scheduling, deposits on studios, retainers for voice talent, web development, etc.

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