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Development / Operations / Technology
Executive Producer

John has a comprehensive career in entrepreneurship and business development, which he has successfully applied in commercial and consumer markets through both direct and broadcast approaches, in industries ranging from hi-tech to flat-out no-tech. Regardless of the project, John brings his characteristic "can do," roll-up-the-sleeves approach and disciplined structure.  
Since 1995, John has been directly aligned with the interactive and motion media arts; he has been associated with IFR since 2001.
In 1983, John founded a company, which became known as Sottile's Winning Action Team, dba S*W*A*T(sm) Tactical Marketing Agency... a creative, yet disciplined, hands-on agency, which assists enterprises, entrepreneurs, professionals, and artists with their needs in developing their business, practice, trade, or craft.  S*W*A*T's clients have ranged from Fortune Listed to artists working from cell phone offices.

John is a media pioneer in the successful application of telecomm approaches for marketing big-ticket products and services.  He has a special appreciation, an empirical insight, and proven expertise in deploying the compounding effects of all tele -- or "remote" as derived from Greek -- media communications to achieve business goals. Today, Sottile embraces the Internet's and on-line Digital Revolution's enormous potential as logical extensions of the "tele" process, which he first forged using computer timesharing, Tele, and TWX to "broadcast" market to prospects and clients in the early '70s. 
As the head of new business development, he grew a young software company to an IPO... within 4 years.  Average sale: $30,000+ --  Big $$$ in the early '80s.  Primarily accomplished via tele-approaches.   
Sottile is author of the courses "The Art Of Marketing the Hard Soft Sell!,"(tm), a sales and marketing seminar for professionals and business owners, and "Let's Make A Deal"(tm), a unique negotiating course which interweaves personal power and leverage into the process of deal making.  He is also the developer "The Vector Marketing Grid"(tm)  and  "Integrated Tele-Conceptual Approaches"(tm), both efficiency-based sales/marketing systems.  Additionally, John has authored many articles on sales and marketing; and created numerous client brochures / campaigns.  Currently, he undertakes and publishes on-line original research on social and political topics. 

He is a skilled n
egotiator of hundreds of contracts with Fortune 1,000 companies; and he has international experience in both direct and third party distribution channels.
Sottile is a graduate of Dartmouth College, BA, Economics, with graduate work at various universities and independent study.   He is "battle-hardened" from a wealth of experiential learning through his companies, and the numerous clients for whom he has "stood in the trenches."    
John is a Past President of the former Yankee Thoroughbred Breeders Organization, a nonprofit, trade organization promoting Thoroughbred Horse breeding and racing in the New England... and of the Mass Media Alliance, formerly a non-profit trade organization promoting film, video, and multi-media industries.
For a pace change, John produces private and corporate functions under the banner, JOHNNY HiHAT(tm) Entertainment...  And, over that past decade, John has been perfecting a color breed of double-toed, black and white Tuxedo cats which of course he calls HiHAT Cats! (tm).


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