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LOGLINE:  A jaded, mega-successful Hollywood producer's life is changed forever after he is saved from a burning car wreck by a young guardian angel. 




          Mega-successful Hollywood producer David Halliday hasn't cared about much besides his movies for a long time.  Not the son he hasn't seen in fifteen years, not his loyal and loving assistant Becca Fox, and certainly not the legions who follow and worship him.  That is until he's driving on a back road on a rainy night, cell phones glued to both ears.  An accident leaves Halliday trapped in his burning car, sure to die until a mysterious young man pulls him from the wreck and leaves him safe by the side of the road.


          The boy disappears before Halliday can thank him, and after waking up in the hospital, he becomes obsessed with tracking his savior down.  When traditional means fail to yield any results, Halliday takes time out from the set of his $100 million film The Fires of Midnight to hire A.J. Burrell, head of a private security firm called Security Concepts who erroneously, and humorously, believes the assignment is a test for a film consultant's job.


          Meanwhile, another young man named Adam Tyler shows up at the door of psychic and spiritual advisor Madam Marie in search of guidance.  Depressed, distraught and borderline suicidal, Adam finds no comfort from Madam Marie, who insists he has angels watching out for him, and that "they walk among us."


          Then it's time to meet our three angels:  The beautiful Grace, the young, somber and veteran Levi, and the even younger, hipper, and utterly irreverent Cyrus.  Cyrus, it turns out, was the mysterious teenage boy who rescued David Halliday -- an "unauthorized save," according to angel annals.  Cyrus' next authorized assignment is Adam Tyler.


          At the same time, David Halliday is summoned to Security Concepts by A.J. Burrell at which point Burrell produces a trio of newspaper articles picturing Cyrus saving otherwise doomed individuals from similar tragedies.  Halliday than embarks on a cross-country odyssey to visit three others who like him were rescued from the brink of death.  His search ultimately leads him to Marianne Reilly the mother of a boy named Matthew who died in a tragic fire a few years before.  Halliday recognizes Matthew as the young man who saved his life.


          As Adam Tyler contemplates suicide after a brutal bashing at the hands of the evil Reverend Rigby Zorn, Halliday meets with Madam Marie.  With the psychic's help, he finds Cyrus in a diner and confronts him with the truth.  A changed man who is still changing, Halliday seeks answers that Cyrus can't provide yet and tells Halliday instead to meet him that night at the Framework, a rock-and-roll nightclub.


          When Halliday arrives, though, Cyrus is nowhere to be found.  Instead he spots Adam Tyler who has been shown the way by Cyrus with a little help from Levi and Grace.  Halliday is shocked because Adam Tyler is the son he hasn't seen in fifteen years!  Not only that, he realizes the true purpose in Cyrus' luring him to the Framework.  Because lurking outside is none other than the Reverend Rigby Zorn who plans to burn the decadent den to the ground.


          In the end it's left to Halliday to stop him, saving hundreds of lives, including that of his long-lost son, in the process.  The epilogue finds Halliday reunited with the boy at the premier of his latest smash hit.  But it's not The Fires of Midnight, it's a film called They Walk Among Us, based on his own experiences and watched from the back row by the three guardian angels who made it all possible.


       In The Berkshires



Designed  By
John David Sottile