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Company Profile



Starlight Runner Entertainment, Inc. is a leading developer of highly successful entertainment franchises, specializing in the production of intellectual properties across multiple media platforms. Starlight Runner recently produced Mattels new Hot Wheels World Race entertainment franchise, which included comic books, video games, web sites, a computer animated series airing on Cartoon Network, and an animated feature released by Artisan Entertainment. The campaign accounted for more than 20% of Mattel's fiscal 2003 profits on Hot Wheels-related toys, merchandise and licensing.


Incorporated in 2000 with venture capital financing from Los Angeles-based Arcturus Capital, Starlight Runner has an excellent track record in leveraging intellectual properties into world-class franchises. Examples include the companys development of 1960s comic book character Turok into the $410 million Turok, Dinosaur Hunter video game, comic book and action figure franchise for Acclaim Entertainment. Starlight Runners extension of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game into a series of highly successful video games, comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, has helped increase the value of the franchise to over $2 billion for Hasbro. Starlight Runner clients include Marvel Comics, Scholastic, Film Roman and the Walt Disney Company.


Starlight Runner Entertainment works closely with its representation, Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Widely recognized as the worlds leading talent firm, CAA represents A-list Hollywood producers, directors and stars, as well as top athletes and Fortune 100 companies. CAA has packaged some of the most lucrative film and television franchises in history. As a result of this relationship, Starlight Runner is preparing a series of new business initiatives designed to increase its equity stake in future endeavors. These include the production of original Starlight Runner-owned cross-media content, as well as leveraging greater equity participation in such projects as feature films and television programming.


To this end, Starlight Runner is seeking bridge funds until one or more of the following projects come to fruition:


Ecstasy Starlight Runner has optioned the life story of DEA Special Agent Robert Gannett, the man responsible for dismantling the largest international ecstasy drug cartel of the 1990s. Exclusive high-end literary agency the Robbins Office views this as the first of a series of books covering Gannetts remarkable career, positioning him as a true-life Jack Ryan (the famous Tom Clancy character). CAA will then leverage this multi-book deal into the packaging of Ecstasy as a major feature film executive produced by Starlight Runner. TimeOut New York magazine editor Lisa Sweetingham has been chosen to co-author the first book, and a formal offering is set to go out to publishers such as Random House and Miramax Books in the coming weeks.


Equinox Fitness Clubs Starlight Runner is in the process of negotiating with Equinox Fitness Clubs to develop and produce a series of orientation, academic and consumer-based training videos for the franchise. With 22 clubs in New York, Chicago and California, and dozens more expected to open worldwide in the next few years, Equinox is experiencing a bottleneck in supplying high-end accredited fitness trainers to its upscale clientele. Starlight Runner is capable of solving this problem by creating interactive educational tools designed to accelerate hundreds of trainers through the complex education process. Based on Starlight Runners success, a decision to move forward with extending the rapidly elevating Equinox brand into mass-market consumer-based books and videos will be forthcoming.


Active Media Publishing Orlando, Florida-based Active Media Publishing and Total Solutions Marketing have approached Starlight Runner with a proposal to create a book imprint to launch original kids and young adults properties. Such a deal would, for the first time, create tangible product out of intellectual properties being developed by Starlight Runner, making them far more attractive to Hollywood studios and animation houses. Though fairly new, Active Media has already established a respectable distribution system, placing a minimum of 50,000 non-returnable copies of its books in major chains such as Barnes & Nobles, as well as in libraries and discount stores. In tandem with its sister company, Total Solutions Marketing, Active Media is also capable of directly aiding Starlight Runner to extend its clients brands into the world of books, magazines, comics, posters, stickers, trading cards, T-shirts and other merchandise. Starlight Runner anticipates this negotiation will be completed be the end of March 2004, with Starlight Runner properties announced for Active Medias Spring 2005 catalog.


Score! International Film Resources has contracted Starlight Runner to become executive producers of an independently financed feature film called Score! A PG-rated comedy about a washed up boy band that gets a rock and roll makeover by the teenage members of an all-girl soccer team, Score! is written by best-selling author Jon Land, and will also be produced by Shane-Romano Productions, the company behind Steven Spielbergs Catch Me If You Can. Starlight Runner will take a fee for developing a financial proposal for the films investors, participating in script revisions, and coordinating talent attachments with Creative Artists Agency. Line items in the films budget for Internet marketing and an electronic press kit will also be attributed to Starlight Runner. Most importantly, Starlight Runner will receive a small percentage of the films equity in return for these services. Financing for Score! is scheduled to be secured by Summer 04.


Red Wind Starlight Runner is currently preparing to announce its first feature film property to be developed in-house, Red Wind. A martial arts action-adventure, Red Wind is the story of a female superhero/assassin working for (and at odds with) the U.S. government. The Red Wind screenplay is by Fabian Nicieza, one of the top comic book writers in the world (X-Men, Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and Creative Artists Agency has agreed to package the films talent. Red Wind was designed to be financed and filmed independently at a budget of $6- to $10 million. Starlight Runner has already produced a short film designed for posting on the Internet, thereby generating fan enthusiasm for the project. Both the short and the screenplay will be unveiled in April 04, with several production companies and financiers already eager to review the property.


Theme Park Development & Brand Extension Project Starlight Runner has been in ongoing negotiations to develop intellectual properties for a major international real estate development firm that is in the process of developing major resorts and theme parks worldwide. Starlight Runner would also use its entertainment industry alliances and cross-media development experience to leverage these properties into the entertainment space, including feature films, television, video games, toys, books, apparel and other merchandise. Discretion is paramount for all parties involved with this negotiation, but it is potentially the most lucrative of all of Starlight Runners current projects. A demonstration video has been commissioned and produced by Starlight Runner for the firm, and a formal presentation of initial concepts will be scheduled shortly.


For more information about any of these projects, or to enquire about participating in Starlight Runner Entertainment, Inc. bridge financing, please contact:


Jeff Gomez

President & Chief Executive Officer

Starlight Runner Entertainment

5 Union Square West, 4th floor

New York, NY 10003




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