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Through its association with International Creative Management’s roster of bankable directors, actors, actresses and talent, IFR will attach and cast SCORE!  Located in Beverly Hills, California, ICM is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading talent firm, representing top music acts, A-list Hollywood stars, as well as athletes and Fortune 100 corporations.




International Creative Management, Inc. (ICM) is one of the world's largest talent and literary agencies, with offices in Beverly Hills, New York and London. Formed in 1975 by the merger of Creative Management Associates and The International Famous Agency, the company is a cornerstone in the entertainment community under the leadership of its Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Berg. ICM is wholly owned by management and agents and has been privately held since 1988.


The agency represents creative and technical talent in the fields of motion pictures, television, publishing, music, comedy, commercials, new media and live theater. ICM agents negotiate agreements and work closely with creators and distributors worldwide, which include television networks, movie studios, independent producers, concert promoters, publishers and Internet site creators.


ICM Artists (ICMA), a subsidiary of ICM, represents an extensive roster of classical instrumentalists, vocalists and conductors, and manages the touring activities of numerous orchestras, chamber ensembles, choirs, dance and opera companies, and other performing groups.      




For more than 40 years, ICM's Motion Picture Department has been recognized as a leader in its field by providing talent for successful film projects, thereby meeting the needs of its clients and the industry. The ICM Motion Picture Department is a worldwide organization that represents the wide array of talent necessary to develop commercially successful and award-winning theatrical films. Based in Los Angeles and New York, the Motion Picture Department was a pioneer in providing the film industry with the concept of packaging a movie project--from concept to finished film--by bringing together the finest on and off-screen talent.


ICM's motion picture agents represent the industry's most gifted actors, directors, producers and screenwriters who have created dozens of the most critically acclaimed films in movie history. The agency's Motion Picture Department also taps into its close ties to Broadway to provide talent for projects that make the transition from stage to film.


The department actively seeks out the most-promising young talent in the industry, providing these clients with the opportunity to excel and advance in the film industry.


ICM's motion picture agents monitor movie projects from the earliest phases in order to identify opportunities for their clients, whether in an independent feature film or a studio released motion picture.



ICM represents many of today’s most celebrated entertainers across a range of music and performance genres. From contemporary music to classical, from the biggest names in comedy to the finest jazz artists, ICM clients have one feature in common – an exceptional creative ability that sets the standard for excellence in their fields.




ICM's Television Department is at the forefront of the industry, and the breadth and depth of the agency has helped many clients create some of the longest-running, most critically-acclaimed programming on television. ICM focuses on all forms of television distribution- including broadcast, cable, and first-run syndication both in the United States and abroad- which helps our clients maximize their creative opportunities.


ICM represents the full range of on-air talent including many of the most beloved television stars, newscasters, hosts, and sports commentators, in addition to the creators, writers, producers and directors who are behind the scenes. ICM also has a division that focuses on helping standup comedians break out into the television arena.


To help our writers, directors and producers create innovative programming, ICM also has a Life Rights division that focuses on securing the rights to newspaper and magazine articles published around the world as well as the personal life stories of people whose lives might serve as the basis for a compelling television story.




ICM's Literary Publications Department works within the dynamic publishing environments of New York and London; it represents leading fiction and non-fiction book and magazine authors of the day. ICM clients have garnered such prestigious awards as the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, and the National Book Award, among many others. ICM-represented authors also are fixtures on The New York Times Best Seller list and The Sunday Times Bestseller lists as well as frequent guests on television programs that showcase today's most influential authors such as The Today Show, 60 Minutes, the BBC and National Public Radio.


ICM's New York and London Literary Agents work closely with their colleagues in ICM's Los Angeles-based Motion Picture, Television, and Dramatic Rights Departments, which have enjoyed great success selling ICM book and magazine projects for film, television, and stage productions. ICM’s Foreign Rights Department, based in London, sells ICM book and magazine projects in the UK and other foreign English-speaking countries as well as into foreign language translations .




The ICM Voice Over Department represents the top voice over talent in the field. Our clients are heard on many of the major television advertising campaigns, network promotions, movie trailers, animated television shows and theatrical features. The ICM Voice Over Department is on the fore- front of servicing the needs of any industry looking for the best Voice Over talent in the world.




The ICM Lecture Department represents clients of ICM from all fields of the agency's distinguished roster. Lectures provides access to the most outstanding visionaries in all fields including arts and entertainment, literature, the public and business sectors, media, women's issues, philosophy and ethics, sports, and motivation. Our speakers appear throughout the world at universities, corporate events, business conventions, lecture forums, fundraisers and other private and public events.

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