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Shryne, a once bigger-than-life boy band who played to screaming fans in sold-out arenas, can now barely fill the floor at car shows and county fairs. But the band members, Tyler, Brad, Andy and J.R., all in their early 20s now, remain committed to making it as a legitimate rock and roll act. Toward that end, their ditzy and loving manager Terri surprises them with the news that shes landed them a gig at The Framework, one of the country's top music clubs famous for making careers, in the hope it will remake theirs.


Meanwhile, after pulling out a dramatic victory in Final Four, the Brown University women's soccer team arrives in Wilmington to play for the national championship. Four of the girls, Becca, Megan, Lauren and Luisa, find themselves booked at a stunning beach house. The girls can't believe their good fortune until the boys of Shryne, who've rented the same beach house, show up.


Sparks fly and the girls are ultimately banished, only to be invited back when the place they actually rented turns out to be a dump. This scenario pleases neither Terri nor the girls coach Dan, who looks vaguely familiar to her. At odds from the first time they meet, they nonetheless allow the four boys and four girls to share the house for the week.


The girls set about practicing for their tournament, as the boys prepare for their gig at the Framework. All is well until some Sigma Chi fraternity brothers, including a couple of the girls ex-boyfriends show up at the beach house. The boys of Shryne get the first laugh on them, but the frat brothers are determined to get the last one.


Meanwhile, Terri recognizes Coach Dan as an ex-actor who walked away from becoming a major action star and never regretted it for an instant. Their relationship begins to bloom at the same time the Shryne boys and Brown girls find themselves coupling up.


When none of the frat brothers efforts stop Andy, Brad, J.R. and Tyler from growing close to Becca, Luisa, Megan and Lauren (through innovative activities like Strip Soccer), they decide to turn up the heat. Their plan: sabotage Shrynes performance at the Framework. Just as the band begins to play its new sound all The Framework video monitors fill with a video of Shryne from their teenybopper years. The band is laughed off the stage and, perhaps, into obscurity.


They return to their beach house to find the gate locked and their belongings strewn over the sidewalk, because the check Terri wrote bounced. Not only is Shryne finished, they're also flat broke.


It's the girls, led by Coach Dan, who come to the rescue with a plan to have the band stage a concert between games at the tournament, live on network television. This is the chance Shryne has been waiting for, especially when MTV agrees to cover the performance on a special TRL episode, too.


But the frat boys, reinforced by the rest of their brothers from Brown, kidnap Andy, Brad, J.R. and Tyler and leave them stripped to their boxers inside a redneck car show. Fortunately, the boys meet up with Tiny, a massive biker for whose daughter they signed a free picture at an earlier car show. Tiny enlists his motorcycle gang to help the boys reach the stadium in time for their concert between games.


As the boys of Shryne are rushed to the stadium aboard choppers, the girls of Brown manage to tie the game against South Carolina and force overtime. They win in penalty kicks just as the band makes their triumphant entrance dressed in biker garb more in keeping with their new image. Their halftime show dissolves into a sold out concert at a major venue with the Brown girls enjoying the show from the front row, while Terri and Dan look on from backstage.



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