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Consultant / Producer / Director

Bob Misiorowski is a successful filmmaker with an extensive background as a director and producer of feature films and years of experience as a production executive for major Hollywood companies. 
Bob has directed profitable titles such as “On The Border”, “Shark” Attack”, “Blood Of The Innocent”, and “Air Panic” for Nu Image and “Blink Of An Eye” for Capitol Films/Vidmark.  Bob recently directed “Derailed” with Jean Claude Van Damme for Millenium Films. 
Other feature film credits include serving as Producer for “Tombstone" (Touchstone) and the recently completed “Nine Lives” – starring Wesley Snipes (Millenium Films), Executive Producer for “Cover Up” (Live Entertainment), “Top of the World” (Nu Image) and  “Gnaw: Food of The Gods II” (Canadian Entertainment Investors).
Previously, Bob oversaw the production of many titles as Senior Vice President of Production, Executive in Charge of Production, and Vice President of Canadian Productions for such companies as Cinergi Pictures, Carolco Pictures, and Millenium Films.  Titles he supervised include “Jacob’s Ladder”, “Narrow Margin”, “Music Box”, “Iron Eagle II”, “Watchers” and “Medicine Man.”
While a partner at Raison & Associates, a talent agency, Bob represented Mafilm/Hungarofilm, the Budapest-based production facility of the country of Hungary, arranging for American film productions and musical scores to be completed in their facilities.
Bob served in the Peace Corps in Central America for three years after receiving his BA from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.  He completed his MFA at the UCLA Film School and was a member of the faculty in the school of film and television at San Diego State University.
2003 -  Producer – NINE LIVES
           Starring Wesley Snipes, directed by David Carson
           Millenium Pictures
2002 -  Director – DERAILED
           Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Laura Harring,
           Tomas Arana for Millenium Pictures
2001 -  Director – AIR PANIC
           Starring Rod Rowland, Kristianna Loken, Ted Shackelford,       
           Barbara Carrera for Nu-Image Productions/HBO
1999 -  Director - SHARK ATTACK
           Starring Casper Van Dien and Ernie Hudson
           Nu-Image Productions/ HBO Premiere
1998 -  Director - ON THE BORDER
           Starring Casper Van Dien, Bryan Brown, Daniel Baldwin
           Millenium Pictures/ Blockbuster Entertainment
1996 -  Senior Vice-President of Production
           Millenium Pictures - Avi Lerner/ Elie Samaha/ Amir Malin
1996 -  Executive Producer - TOP OF THE WORLD
           Peter Weller, Dennis Hopper, Tia Carrera
           Millenium Pictures
1995 -  Director - BEYOND FORGIVENESS
           Thomas Ian Griffith, Rutger Hauer, John Rhys-Davies
           Nu-Image/ Showtime/ Republic
1993 -  Producer - TOMBSTONE (with Jim Jacks and Sean Daniels)
           Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Dana Delaney, Bill Paxton
           Hollywood Pictures/ Cinergi Productions
           Michael Pare, Michael Ironside, Barbara Carrera
           Nu-Image/ Vidmark
1991 -  Director - BLINK OF AN EYE (FIRST LIGHT)
           Michael Pare
           Vidmark/ Capitol Films-London
1990 -  Executive in Charge of Production - MEDICINE MAN
           Sean Connery, Lorraine Bracco
           Cinergi Productions/ Hollywood Pictures
1991 -  Executive Producer - COVER UP
           Dolph Lundgren, Lou Gossett, Jr.
           Live Entertainment/ Capitol Films - London

1989 to 1991 - Senior Vice-President of Production – Cinergi Productions 
1987 to 1988 - Vice-President of Canadian Production - Carolco Pictures
                      IRON EAGLE II and WATCHER
1986 to 1987 - Vice-President - Production - Carolco Pictures
                      JACOB'S LADDER, NARROW MARGIN, and MUSIC BOX
1973 to 1979 - Associate Professor - San Diego State University
                      Department of Telecommunications and Film
1972 - Master of Fine Arts - UCLA Film School


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