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What Are The Investment Opportunities?

Q.  What is the IFR Film Fund?
A.  Actually,  there are three separate and different film funds.
Q.  Ok.  So, why are there three distinct film funds?
A.  Well, there are three, over-arching steps in producing a film...
attaching talent, shooting the picture, and marketing it to the public...
with each step having its own fund to reflect its unique contribution in producing and screening of a movie.
There are investments opportunities in three areas
Film Development Funds  |  Film Prints & Ads Funds  |  Feature Film Funds
As customary in film making, there may be opportunities for extra arrangements
concommitant with investment.
The risk-reward continuum results from the payback position within the customary "movie deal," whereby (1) the DEVELOPMENT FUND is paid back when the the FILM FUND is fully subscribed... and (2) P&A and PROFITS are paid from box-office receipts, net the distributors take, plus from other revenue sources such as video releases and ancillary outlets, with (2a) P&A having the superior repayment position over the PARTNERSHIP which in turn (2b) has a superior position over the PRODUCER'S profit, if any, which is without accured interest that other investors, except the disributors, receive per the individual fund agreements. 
The "movie deal" is a time-honored and time-tested investment system through which thousands of movies are produced yearly.  While referred to as "customary," it is not unusual that the customary deal is modified to reflect the specific investment opportunity and goals.   





A pre-production fund used to

"attach" talent to a film.


Least Risk

Fixed ROR +%


An investment made directly with IFR,

Payout made by IFR, from Film Production Fund


The IFR Film Development Fund is an investment opportunity to fund the development of future movies.  Before a film is made, the director and actors are "attached" to develop the film's "package"... a process which facilitates actual film funding plus "prints & ads" and/or distribution"  Heres how it works:


Investor(s) deposit an amount which IFR determines will be required to develop its next feature film.  Let's use $100,000.   For the use of this money, IFR returns $100,000 plus 15% AT THE TIME THE FILM IS FULLY FUNDED... NOT AFTER IT IS COMPLETED, OR EVEN IF IT IS SUCCESSFUL.  This return is possible because the Fund is a line item in the production budget which is actualized upon full film funding.  Investor(s) may also garner a small percentage in the film's profits.





A post-production fund used

to promote the film.


More Risk

Fixed ROR + >%


A film specific investment made directly with IFR

Payout  from movie box office receipts.


Once a film is made, it must be marketed to the public.  This is the function of "prints & ads."  It is also a function which may be assumed by  film distributors... the difference being in the percentage taken; with P&As the distributors risk and therefore "take" is lower.  Through which ever means the film is marketed, it must be effectively promoted to the target audience to get it into the theater.  And, this investment is sizable in order to garner the attention and desire of the theater-goers.  Further, as a film is release into a specific number of "screens," a determination may be made to expand the the number of screens which in turn will require more P&A.





The fund which pays for all

production costs.


Most Risk

Greatest Profit Potential


Investment  in an IFR Feature Film Limited Partnership

Defined by the film's limited  partnership agreement.


Currently, IFR is seeking funds for a slate of films.  Each film will be its own legal entity; the investment in one particular film may differ from that of another.  Nonetheless, the return on investment will occur as customary in the "normal film deal" under most film limited partnership agreements.   In addition to the receipt of actual cash, IFR Films can/will be fully funded, if  50%  of the investors(s) pledge acceptable assets in lieu of money.

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