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With Starlight Runner Entertainment, Inc., Jeff Gomez has established himself as one of the worlds leading writers and producers of highly successful entertainment franchises. Financed by Arcturus Capital in 2000, with Mr. Gomez as President and Chief Executive Officer, Starlight Runner develops new and established intellectual properties across several media platforms at the same time.


Starlight Runner produces films, packages books and graphic novels, creates animation, and develops video games for clients such as Mattel, the Walt Disney Company, Hasbro, Scholastic, Mainframe Entertainment, Marvel Comics, Wizards of the Coast, and Acclaim Entertainment. The company is also actively developing new toy lines, as well as a slate of original live-action and animated feature films and television programs with several production partners, including International Film Resources.


Starlight Runner is represented by the worlds leading talent agency, CAA. Elie Dekel (toy and animation), Larry Shapiro (feature films and video games), Seamus Blackley (video games), Jill Cutler (screenplays) and Robert Bookman (literary) of Creative Artists Agency now represent Jeff Gomez and Starlight Runner Entertainment. A major focus for this team is the development of feature films, with above the line talent to be packaged in part or in whole by CAA.


Recently, Starlight Runner has signed a deal with the Walt Disney Company for Mr. Gomez to create original boys action properties for exploitation in comic books, toys, video games, television and feature films. The deal is unique in that Mr. Gomezs storylines will be launched through Disneys international publications division, instantly exposing the properties to millions of young people worldwide in the form of books, comics and graphic novels.


Mr. Gomez also recently struck a deal with Orlando, Florida-based Active Media Publishing to establish a book imprint for Starlight Runner Entertainment. The imprint will recruit top-notch writers and artists to bring to life several of Mr. Gomezs original boys action properties, including the urban fantasies Team Gorizer, Urbana: Battle Landing, and Alley Cats. Starlight Runner will expand its book line with Active Media to include books aimed at teenagers, as well as posters, cards, calendars, T-shirts and other brand extension merchandise.


In 2002, Mattel, Inc. chose Starlight Runner to create a detailed storyline and universe for Hot Wheels cars, the most successful line of toys in the world. Mattel launched a multi-million dollar campaign celebrating the 35th anniversary of the toys starting in early 2003. The campaigns Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race program features Jeff Gomez-created characters and storylines in a comic book series, web events, childrens books, a major Happy Meal promotion from McDonalds, and a cross-platform video game from THQ.


Mr. Gomez adapted his Hot Wheels story for animation and served as writer and producer on the computer-animated series version of Hot Wheels Highway 35. Starlight Runner also provided character designs for the series. The series has aired on Cartoon Network and has since been re-cut as the feature film Hot Wheels World Race released by Artisan Entertainmentwith sales in excess of 2 million units.


A prominent figure in the adventure game industry in the late-1980s and early 90s, Mr. Gomez came to the attention of Acclaim Entertainment while the company was developing product for the Nintendo 64 video game platform. Characters, concepts and game-play he conceived and wrote for Acclaims Turok, Dinosaur Hunter video games helped that franchise to gross over $380 million, including several sequels, strategy guides, a spin-off line of action figures from Playmates Toys and young adult novels from Goldenbooks.


Mr. Gomez wrote and produced products based on Hasbros $2 billion Magic: The Gathering franchise. These include 3D animated video games (BattleMage for Acclaim and Shandalar for Microprose), novels, trading cards, websites, and a series of comic books whose sales have exceeded 2 million copies in North America and have been translated into five languages worldwide.


Mr. Gomez also participated in the creation and production of Acclaim Entertainments Shadowman video game franchise, as well as the action shooters Forsaken, and Extreme-G. He gave a paper on fully navigable persistent worlds at the Computer Game Developers Conference in 1996, and has developed a proprietary interactive technology based on his video game development techniques called the Action Drive System.


In 1998, Starlight Runner produced Red Light August, a psychological drama written and directed by Jeff Gomez. This critically lauded 35mm featurette tells the music-driven story of a young artist who haunts the Manhattan rave scene, while struggling with dark visions brought on by his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The film has aired on PBS television and has since acquired for international digital distribution by CinemaNow, a subsidiary of Lions Gate Films.


Starlight Runner also supports a team of some of the finest artists and designers in the comic book, toy and video game industries. The company keeps up with trends in pop culture and video games particularly by maintaining an ongoing dialog with his fans, including Mr. Gomezs personal email list of over 220,000 teen and young adult movie, video game and comic book enthusiasts.


Jeff Gomez has always championed the concerns of young people. He earned a BA in Film Studies and Communication Arts & Sciences from Queens College, CUNY. As a teacher in New Yorks inner city schools in the late 1980s, he used television, movies, and pop culture icons to teach children creative writing. He has since toured the country with his Urbana: The Cosmic Streetcorner and Never Surrender: The Teenagers Guide to Winning at Life inspirational talks, engaging grade-schoolers, teenagers, and even corporate audiences about achieving greater success, and avoiding the perils of addiction and depression.


Mr. Gomez founded Starlight Runners Rising Stars program to benefit new filmmakers, and has Produced or Executive Produced five short films and featurettes over the past five years. SCORE! will be his second feature film.



Feature Films

ECSTASY Packaged by Creative Artists Agency (2006) Story, Executive Producer

SCORE! International Film Resources (2004) Executive Producer

HOT WHEELS WORLD RACE Artisan Entertainment (2003) Story, Co-writer, Producer



ECSTASY (2005) Co-Writer

TEAM GORIZER (2005) Co-Writer

ALLEY CATS (2005) Co-Writer

THE REX GANG (2005) Writer


THE SHADOW ANGEL (unpublished) Writer


Short Films

RED WIND Starlight Runner (2004) Executive Producer

WEIGHT Starlight Runner (2004) Executive Producer

HEADTRIP Starlight Runner (2004) Producer

TOOTH FAIRY Starlight Runner (2000) Producer

RED LIGHT AUGUST Starlight Runner (1999) Writer, Director, Producer


Video Games

HOT WHEELS WORLD RACE THQ (2003) Writer, Associate Producer

THE NARTHEX Starlight Runner (2001) Story, Co-Writer, Executive Producer

SHADOWMAN Acclaim (1998) Concept, Associate Producer

TUROK 2: SEEDS OF EVIL (1998) Writer, Associate Producer, and Strategy Guide

FORSAKEN 64 Acclaim (1997) Writer, and Strategy Guide

EXTREME-G Acclaim (1997) Writer, and Strategy Guide

MAGIC: THE GATHERING SHANDALAR MicroProse (1996) Concept (Campaign World)

MAGIC: THE GATHERING BATTLEMAGE Acclaim (1996) Writer, Associate Producer, and Strategy Guide

TUROK, DINOSAUR HUNTER Acclaim (1995) Writer, Associate Producer


Comic Books

DISNEY COMICS (UNTITLED) Disney Publishing (2004) Writer

HOT WHEELS WORLD RACE Mattel (2003) Story, Co-Writer, Editor

DR. TOMORROW Acclaim (1998)

MASTER DARQUE Acclaim (Diamond Gem of the Month, 1997) Co-writer, Editor

ETERNAL WARRIORS Acclaim (Diamond Gem of the Month, 1997) Co-writer, Editor

SHADOWMAN #19 Acclaim (Diamond Gem of the Month, 1997) Co-writer, Editor


MAGIC: THE GATHERING TITLES Acclaim (1995 1997) Writer, Editor




THE SHADOW MAGE #1 & #2 (of 4) Writer

ICE AGE #1 & #2 (of 4) Writer

FALLEN EMPIRES #1 (of 2) Co-Writer

WAYFARER #1 (of 5) Writer


VALIANT, ARMADA & ACCLAIM COMICS (Various Titles, 1993 1997) Editor


Inspirational Seminars

THE COSMIC STREETCORNER (1988 Present) Values & Heroism for Kids

NEVER SURRENDER (2000 Present) Career & Life Strategies for Teens & Adults

BEYOND THE SPECTRUM (2000 Present) Triumphing Over OCD & Spectrum Disorders




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